Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What's the Word?

Oniogaffle. Greebononkers. Kitpolywonka.
Ever felt like making up a word? Had an urge to satiate the tongue? To let it roll and make whatever sound it wants to produce. I’m guessing that’s how the first words by Homo sapiens were made. Just letting the mouth produce sound waves that felt appropriate for that moment.

Let’s make up words. Like we did when we were kids, and we wanted a code language that our parents wouldn’t understand. Make the sounds appropriate for the moment. Let’s be awkward and embarrassing. Or just do it when nobody is around. Then tell me what it felt like.

Fancy words and flowery language make so much of a difference.
I hereby deny you admission into this room, as opposed to: Get out. You say the former in *any* tone and it won’t sound as offensive as the latter.

Maybe our tongue-of-slips are actually just new words looking to free themselves from our control.

Words are enjoyable.

Say them out loud when you think they’ll make someone happy.